Sunshine Village frustrated with proposed parking ban on access road

Parks Canada says safety concerns will mean no more cars outside of designated lots next year

CBC News Posted: Nov 19, 2016 11:43 AM MT Last Updated: Nov 19, 2016 11:43 AM MT

Sunshine Village is frustrated with Parks Canada's plan to implement a parking ban on the access road to the hill next season.

Every weekend, people who can't find a parking spot line up along the road, but Parks Canada said that presents a safety risk.

"You have a very narrow mountain road that was not designed for parking, with people parking on both sides, buses going through, emergency vehicles," said Dave McDonough, the Banff field superintendent with Parks Canada.

The chief operating officer of Sunshine Village, however, said the government agency continues to turn down alternatives to alleviate its busy lots. 

"Let them propose a solution to us, because I've done nothing but propose solutions to them that they've said no to, and it's happened this year, it happened last year, it happened the year before," he said. 

1,600 spots

Richard Kramer comes to Sunshine twice a year from Montana to enjoy the early and late season conditions. 

"There have been times where there's no place to park and can't get up here so we need all the parking spaces we can get," he said. 

There are 1,600 spots in the Sunshine parking lot and the access road allows 500 more. 

Riley said he'll work with Parks Canada but hopes the agency will reconsider the ban before the snow falls next season.